B&B Carpentry is an experienced craftsmen’s level General Contractor. With over 20 years’ experience in ground up custom home construction with the recent 11 years spent focusing on custom finish work and architectural millwork. We take pride in our craft with dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • 11 Years in Colorado
  • Lifetime Background in Construction
  • Vision and Ability to see finished product
  • Large Scale Project Ability
  • Solutions Based


As a family owned business the structure and decision making process is cohesive; focusing on quality, compliance, documentation and issue resolution.

  • Organization – Office & Field
  • Compliance
  • 21st Century Technology
  • PlanGrid
  • Electric Tablets
  • Smart Devices
  • We Make you look good!

Business Management

B&B Carpentry is a well-run business. We employ a combination of local Carpenters and Carpenter’s Assistants necessary to complete the Scope of Work depending on the size of the project. All employees report to our Project Managers.

  • Financial Stability
  • Lability Insurance
  • Workmen’s Comp
  • Commercial Auto


B&B Carpentry has not encountered any litigation throughout it’s years in business.


Labor time capture can make or break a sub-contractors budget. We track all onsite time and reporting for payroll utilizing the traditional time clock method. Employees clock in and out at the designated times ensuring accurate time management, documentation and payroll processing. Our employees are paid every two weeks and we require all employees to participate in direct deposit.


B&B Carpentry adheres to all OSHA Safety Standards, requiring all Carpenters to have or obtain OSHA 10 Training at a Minimum, regularly scheduled safety reminder training and any specialty training necessary for specific jobsite requirements.


B&B Carpentry has a stellar reputation. As a solution based contractor we strive to work in coordination with all subcontractors with the best interest in the project in mind.

  • Labor Manpower Workforce
  • Shortage, Hard to Find Qualified
  • Skilled, Legal
  • Surveys Indicate future work force will be harder to find
  • Supply & Demand
  • Seamless transition from project to project. As one project is winding down, we have the ability to start another one.