Carpentry is an age old craft brought into the 21st Century.
B&B Carpentry uses the latest in technology to track, document and report all aspects of your project implementation and progression from start to finish.

Utilizing cloud based software enables our Project Managers to access changes to plans, notify suppliers and produce daily status reports. Information is key and our customers are always in the loop.

There’s an App for That!
Administration manages daily operations with custom apps that address all employee notifications, safety requirements and reporting.
Investing in the latest technology separates B&B Carpentry from the pack! Not only do these technologies allow us to manage your project on a professional level saving time and money they also ensure the highest level of service and efficiency.

What does this mean to you?

  • Track Room Readiness
  • Track Product Delivery and Distribution
  • Immediately Identify Product Issues That Adversely Affect Installation Progression
  • Enhances Installation Schedule
  • Collaborate With All Trades as a Solution Based Contractor